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my journal's all blue now

We were over at Utah yesturday, and everyone had to throw me back onto the bus because I never intended to leave in the first place. I just love Utah, can you blame me? :[

Tomorrow we have another day off. I think I'm going to be sleeping most of the day though. Especially since we live the lives of zombies.

I picked up a bear tonight at the Idaho concert. I've decided to name him Hobo, what else would you name a bear? If one more person tries to steal Hobo I'm going to get medievil real fast.
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hit me up at NaganoPrincess98 if you're online :)
You're the best, T-Lipz.
I'm at "Paula Abd" on AIM, if you ever need to chat :) How many more shows do you guys have left?
i'll be sure to talk to you on aim! oh, we have 5 more shows left. :/ it went by so fast.
mwah hi sister i am waiting patiently until you come to kidnap me.
<33 i'll be sure to hold you up for ransom too, k?
Hi, I am adding you because you are really cute. :-[
if i'm cute, then we both win :-*! i added you back.
Yay, you have AIM!!!

And I like Utah, but its no Raleigh ;) Muahahaha. <33
yes, i have aim!!!

and admit it. skiing in utah is better than skiing in raleigh ;).
It's about time you got AIM. :-[ My screen name is usmc idol - now get your ass online!
well yes, i'm extremely hip and trendy now. i just found out how to warn people. :)

and get my what online? and you kiss your wife with that mouth? ;)
Hahaha. I'm stayin' away from you now.

She doesn't seem to mind. ;) Though I didn't say it - I typed it.
what, i promise not to warn you many many times. O:-)

if typing it isn't the same as saying it, i'm going to become a swearing pirate. k?
Liar. Pft.

Aye, aye, Captain. ;) -Salutes-
i am not a liar, i am innocent until proven guilty.

and ARG shimmer me timbers. pirates don't swear much, do they. :[. i've been watching too much peter pan, and they never say anything.

Um, I don't know. I think they're more perverted than anything?
arg, i'm carmen the pirate and i am PERVERTED!

HAHAHA. i think i died just now.
*laughs* Ya know... I grew up in Utah. When I was old enough, I convinced my parents to let me move here to LA to see if I could get anywhere with acting or singing. :)
i might move out to LA. heh, i'm following in your footsteps yo'.
*laughs* Thats cool.

I'm not doing ANYTHING here... ugh it sucks. I was recording a CD but that's going nowhere.. and I haven't had any acting jobs ever since the WB cancelled "Maybe It's Me"
i'm sure that you'll end up with an acting job soon. i mean hello, you're noah and what i use to watch 2ge+her all the time. :[ you're definately talented, and why am i ranting you already knew that ;).
you American idols are so funny...
hi, yes we are delusional and crazy sometimes. can i keep you?
Sure you can keep me.....however just as long as I get krispy kremes and oreos...and you introduce me to josh gracin.