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I wish it wasn't so cold!

Howdy everyone! I hope you guys didn't miss me much. I know it's been a while since I've updated.

Rickey, Trenyce, K'Lo and I went to the VH-1 Big In '03 show. I kept tugging Rickey's arm the entire time. I'm surprised it didn't fall off! Anyways, I should've taken my disposable camera with me, because we all looked so cute. But here are the wireimage pictures of it. I'd worship anyone who got the bigger pictures of these:

Kim should've posed in our group shots with us! But I love her hat :)

I've been hanging out in LA for the past week or so. I missed it so much! I know that Utah's my home, but there's just something about LA that excites me. I'm going home on Tuesday so I can get back to my parent's house for Thanksgiving.

Here's to hoping that there'll be an airplane delay..:[
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