Carmen Rasmusen (c__rasmusen) wrote,
Carmen Rasmusen

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I like days off

We had a day off today, so do you know what I did? Went shopping with all the ladies, it was a lot of fun. I bought some hot clothes and shoes and it was a great time with the girls. When we all go out, we wear like hats and sunglasses and go all indisguise. It's quite fun... but sometimes we can't get past the diehard fans!

Clay has been MIA the past 2 days, I suppose it's because Tara is here and all. But, apparently he has a girlfriend. When he was going to break the news to me I dunno... but he's not mine anymore :[ He's not Tara's either... what's this world coming too? God only knows. What would jesus do Clay? What would he do?! I should get to bed. Ruuuuben and Clayton are doing The View tomorrow and we have a concert in NJ.
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